Medicine Retreats

Medicine work – as defined here – is as old as homo sapiens and is still available to us today for understanding many intra- and inter-personal issues. Although there is too the increasing transpersonal issue of eco-grief. This might be defined as distressing feelings which spring from, or relate to, the current ecological and climate crisis. Learning how to live with experienced or anticipated ecological losses is something I am finding a way through for myself, and also via working with individuals approaching me about this issue.

The natural world is not something outside our front doors… we too are nature, and many of us cannot not feel the grief for what is happening to our landscapes, our ecosystems, and many of our species. There is no doubt that wide ranging political, financial, social and community actions are required, but we can all take steps in one direction: with ourselves. This is where my efforts are focused: on what you need for yourself, to enable you to do the wider work required. Or simply to understand yourself better, and to ‘get on’ with whatever it is you choose to get on with.

I facilitate Medicine work for those individuals and groups who approach me for it, but I don’t think it’s helpful to offer a simplistic ‘dream dictionary’ type interpretation. For example, seeing this particular animal ‘means’ this… this plant appearing in your garden ‘means’ this… this bird ‘stands for’ this… etc etc. There’s nothing wrong with having a google around, or reading a book on power animals, for example, but true in-depth Medicine work is deeply personal and the impulse for it – and any potential meanings of it or conclusions from it – must begin from within the energetic world of the quester.

Get in touch if you want to know more, but here’s some basic information:


You can book time with me to work with your particular Medicine. We’ll speak on the phone initially and then there are a number of ways to continue if you wish. Work outdoors is always the best choice, always powerful, especially here on the banks of the River Ouse and in the local woodlands, hills and dales of North Yorkshire. We are on the edge of the North York Moors National Park here, close to the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and just over an hour to the coast. However, there are ways to work within four walls, if you prefer to do that. (And when we are allowed to do that, under current Covid-19 restrictions)

Again, make contact if you would like to know more.


I am available to facilitate small self-selected group retreats or personal development workshops with a Medicine or ecotherapeutic focus: contact me for a telephone appointment if you are interested.

Costs and Accommodation

As stated elsewhere on this website, I no longer charge for my time. I ask for travel expenses if I come to you, or your group, and dana is always acceptable, and supports my communication costs and voluntary work.