Writing and Reading

I have been a writer since I could manipulate a writing instrument. As a child it began as a strategy for my own healing and personal development – though I doubt I was conscious of it as such then.

I have had a very new realisation too about the significance in my life of my love of books, and reading. You can read more about this here http://www.daphnepleace.co.uk/arriving-at-the-frontiers-of-feeling-my-life-as-a-reader/

I have written and been published professionally as an educator, facilitator, workplace trainer and psychotherapist. Currently, I have three ongoing projects:

  • I am a volunteer storyteller for https://www.sharphamtrust.org/ writing pieces about their work in mindfulness; in conservation and the natural world; and anything else Sharpham-related, such as the delicious wine and cheese produced on the estate.
  • As an amateur naturalist, I write and proofread on a variety of nature/wildlife themes for conservation organisations.
  • I am writing a book (Meandering in Albion: journeys to Britain’s wild places and ancient spaceswhich is part nature travelogue, part psychological meanderings, part exploration of my fascination with ancient Britain.


If you are interested in my writing, then as well as everything on this website, including my blog, the following links take you to material published recently:








I also facilitate therapeutic creative writing groups, and work one-to-one and via email with individuals exploring therapeutic creative writing for themselves.

I write for the fun of it, the hell of it, and because I cannot not.